Sunday, May 24, 2009

Till death do us apart...

I slowly climb into the bed crying myself to sleep..only to wake up the next morning startled to find the bed empty..
I pick up the phone and dial your number but noone answers the call..
I get ready and have breakfast with a plate kept for you..Hoping you will return soon...

I pulled myself up from the table and tore myself apart from these feelings, shutting my eyes to every thing that reminded me of you.
With each passing day, I got less startled when i couldnt feel your body next to mine on the bed ..with each passing call i got less worried that i cant hear your voice, with each passing week i accepted that i wont see your smiling face at the table..With each passing month, I cried lesser when i climbed into the bed. With each passing year i mentioned you lesser in my talks..
With each passing decade, you became another picture on the wall..
I dont miss you in bed, i cant recall what your voice sounded like, i have to look at your picture to remind me what you looked like..
You always used to say.. Till death do us apart..I never believed you till death really did us apart..


  1. The pain of a loss is what makes the living realise they are still alive. The beauty of being alive lies in living the life with the seed of pain in our hearts, the glimmer of hope in our eyes and smile of a song on our lips.
    No one is lost forever. Like wisps of smoke, we all are stories in the gusts of time - till death do us apart.

  2. Los .. Now tell me honestly .... Where have you copied this from!!!!..;-)

  3. i dint copy it from was an idea which was related a bit to my life and rest are words..took me sometime to write this..u know my keeda of writing the perfect thing!!