Sunday, August 30, 2009

All world is a stage

All world is a stage said Shakespeare..Little did I know, he spoke about mine..
So many roles I play that I wish to play Me someday..
Sister, daughter, friend they call me but never in my own skin can I be..
Alls well as long as am with them..coz i know who Iam in relation to them..
In the midst of the night when am all alone, feels like being with a stranger than the soul..
Who am I? I ask the soul.. sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend and many more..
As i remove my make up I look at the stranger.. I will have time for you tomm... I promise with my voice weaker..
One more page has turned in the play of my life with many more lying ahead..
waiting with some new roles as and when the writer said..
Wonder when will I spend a day without any role..just the stranger and me on a stroll..
with whom the world will not be a stage and i just play ME for a change...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ultimate city..

As soon as I landed the cool breeze hit my face leaving a smile..After a long stay in hot cities where rains only add to chaos than give respite, this city was a welcome change.. I had landed in Mumbai..
Before a Mumbaite starts celebrating this post is surely not about Mumbai.. but my sense of the city..
All my life I was on the other side of the eternal Mumbai-Delhi war..boasting about wide roads in Delhi, the space and how the city does not stink..My first visit to Mumbai was horrible..the city stank, it was humid and crowded and could hardly walk an inch without stepping/bumping someone..but with each subsequent visit..i started liking the city..and with this visit i loved it.. The small shops, the boys getting ready for the dahi handi festival, the local colony friends playing carom at night, the parlour lady talking in typical mumbaiya hindi..i loved it all..but above all i liked the city for its acceptance..
And thats when i realized why people despite struggling to make a living in the city, love it..coz the city is accepting of u...
And as a friend very correctly said "Acceptance is the main thing we all strive for"
It is this hunger for acceptance that drives us all to do what we do.. It forces us to lie, to pretend, to be someone else, to not be happy being who we are, to kill our own wishes, to live for others..
and a city that accepts us provides all that one can ask for-love,warmth,security,happiness,.. and thats the ultimate city.. 'the spirit of mumbai' does not lie in its local trains but in its greater level of acceptance...