Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I sit with you in the same room, reading the newspaper silently..waiting for you to talk to me..
I walk with you in a crowded market...rubbing my hands against yours..waiting for you to hold mine
I lean closer to you when all alone..waiting for you to hug me and kiss me more..
I lie next to you,as close as I can..waiting for you to hold me tight...
Wait!, you say and I stop in a second..waiting you would do the same..
I tell you same things, a number of times...waiting for you to listen in..
I wait each day, I wait each night..
I wait to meet the one I loved who always held me tight..
I wait to hear her talk,to see her smile to listen to me without blinking an eye...
Where did you lose my loved one.. why did you leave her behind..
leaving us like strangers struggling to meet our minds..