Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why I write?

"What is with you and writing serious stuff..what happened to the fun person in you" said my best buddy and I just stopped to think why i write?
I write when my mind is full of unanswered questions.. or unquestioned answers
I write when thoughts are difficult to speak or am being too thoughtless
I write when facebook becomes too public and 'dear diary' too silly
I write when my heart is full and i need to empty it out
I write to create more space to add more memories, feelings, emotions and experience life differently..
I write when someone inspires me to write.. someone stirs the broth in my heart and leaves me with a feeling
I write sometimes to show the world but lot of times to show the one person what i felt..
I write to leave a trail of my self in this big world
Each writing is a thought fermented over a period of time.. thoughts that did not find the right words..feelings that were sweeping me away, making it difficult to place my feet on the ground..
I write to save myself.. Thats why I write

Friday, October 17, 2014


She went about with her life each day.. hoping he notices her.. hoping he turns around and says you are pretty.. hoping he whispers sweet nothings in the middle of the night, pulling her a little closer and tight..
She went about with her life each day like an ordinary girl.. with dreams in her eyes and hope in her heart..that she too shall be loved someday again.. she too shall feel special.. and she will be his someone..

He went about with his  life each day.. hoping to get a glimpse of her,waiting each day for her to call out his name, for her to laugh at his jokes and smile her dimpled smile
He went about with his life each day.. hoping to get a share of her love, hoping she realises she is special..
hoping she looks at him the way she looks at her someone.. hoping he can be her someone

They talk, joke and go about with their life each day.. each holding a thought unknown to the other.. each hoping to feel different that day.. each hoping to feel special and be someone's someone

Not knowing they were special to someone, they meant a lot to someone,they were loved by someone..
They went about with their life each day not knowing they were someone!