Sunday, August 30, 2009

All world is a stage

All world is a stage said Shakespeare..Little did I know, he spoke about mine..
So many roles I play that I wish to play Me someday..
Sister, daughter, friend they call me but never in my own skin can I be..
Alls well as long as am with them..coz i know who Iam in relation to them..
In the midst of the night when am all alone, feels like being with a stranger than the soul..
Who am I? I ask the soul.. sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend and many more..
As i remove my make up I look at the stranger.. I will have time for you tomm... I promise with my voice weaker..
One more page has turned in the play of my life with many more lying ahead..
waiting with some new roles as and when the writer said..
Wonder when will I spend a day without any role..just the stranger and me on a stroll..
with whom the world will not be a stage and i just play ME for a change...

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