Sunday, May 17, 2009

my first step...

This is my first attempt at writing.I had never thought of myself to be good with words,had left that to other set of friends and used their words to express my ideas. But I realised that in today's world it is extremely important to have a virtual identity on the internet,in absence of which you are considered 'not arrived'. Iam generally a slow adopter,I created an account on orkut late,facebook when my friends left me with no other choice and now someone said 'do u tweet?' and I was wondering if that was some obscene word that I should know but not discuss and very reluctantly asked him what it was and he laughed in disbelief and told me that the the latest community is..tweeter..
All these experiences and so much of thoughts and ideas inside my head, which were getting too difficult for my brain to store along with all the important meeting dates, to do lists,the bills to be paid dates, is what prompted me to put down this heavy weight of ideas on this page..
I call myself the intermittent writer(not sure of the spelling) largely for two reasons 1) someone suggested and it sounded good 2) that I really am one and would like to use this as a forum to understand more about myself and thus the writing would largely come when the mind is full of unanswered questions.
I named the blog as my first step because it is my first step into a domain which to begin with was something I never thought was meant for me.This entire blogging experience will be my first time of flirting with writing.And like all first love of our lives I hope that my writing lasts forever and leaves me as a changed person...


  1. good start. I feel ul do well at writing in a comical style in addition to all else. Keep it up n hope to read more real soon

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  3. hmm.. good start. I am a firm believer of 'it is never too late to start anything' that surely includes marriage and children :)

    enjoy writing.. well begun is half done!!

  4. History,they say is a bad motorist. It rarely ever signals its intention when it is taking a turn. Who knows you may turn out to be a great writer.
    L s narayanan

  5. Writing is never good or bad ... Just the styles are different ....And you were always the person with the greatest ideas and thoughts .... The same ones when penned down are bound to be Great pieces of writing ....:-)