Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary...
It was a beautiful evening..light breeze making me sway with it.. Just wanted to start dancing in that weather and was hoping that can catch some rain drops on my hands..I was sitting at my usual place and enjoying the nice weather after a long day of scorching sun..And then I saw him, the most amazing creation of God..He walked upto me and sat beside me. He did not notice I was sitting there and continued talking on the phone..I guess to his girlfriend. I looked at him and was awed.. God had taken some time and made a creature like him..He had beautiful eyes, was smart and intelligent and by reading his company tag got to know he is a scientist.. and whatever I know of them, they create something..and guess whatever they create is meant to make the world more beautiful..
Just as I was admiring him,he said bye to his girlfriend,put his phone in his pocket and snubbed his cigarette on my leg, got up and walked off..I was awestruck.. But unfortunately I should say I have gotten used to it with atleast 10-15 people snubbing their cigarettes on my leg and walking off..
All are God's greatest creation to make this world more beautiful but alas...

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  1. Heh heh... How about telling the flawless fella to " Watch out!!"....!!