Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter Rain

I lean out of the window to feel the water droplets on my face..Not just the rain but the cold winter breeze covers my face.. shiver a little and giggle a lot more..and clutch my tea cup a little tighter..holding on to the warm feeling on the cold winter morning..
A hand taps me on my shoulder handing me my plate of steaming aloo chaat and giggling while making her winter smoke ringlets.. Quickly popping one in my mouth I stick my face out of the window again closing my eyes and stretching my hand out... I hit a glass wall...the water droplets covering the glass but refusing to touch me.. A hand taps on my shoulder and hands me a copy of my next presentation... and without a smile she walks into the cabin... not stopped to look out..
I turn around and see two smiling faces standing there sticking their faces out and clutching their cups tighter.. Their smiles, the giggles, the smoke ringlets and the tea called in for the review.. I walk into the closed cabin trying to concentrate on the figures on the mind straying back to the two faces behind the wall.. the ones I can see but not touch..till I break the glass wall that separates us..


  1. Sometimes one can find the face behind the wall inside one's heart.. :)

  2. i can see..i just cant touch and feel it..